Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Rose Champion and a Warrior

The character on the left is for a possible Unreal Tournament mod (shelved at the moment).  I'm trying out style that is less realistic and a bit more "pushed" in proportions.
The character on the right is just at new painting techniques, though I eventually decided to fully render the character.


shou' said...

Nice piece. Saw this on CA and wanted to say the concept is very interesting, but I am not sure how well this would function.

theo said...

I like the design and your pushing of proportions. I think it could work on a game like UT. Don't they all have like fire/range guns in that game tho?

Also, a little thing that I thought and maybe you will wanna play with, maybe you wont. What if you tried to really thin out those rose petals in his shoulder blade, to look like its a real flower instead of an armor piece, and it would maybe have poisons coming out of it. I'd be like, a weak point in his armor but also a source of mystic poisonous powers. hehe... just a thot! =]

Cya later dude!

Erin Fellows said...

Hey, Jacob, this is a cool concept!! I like theo's idea, too, but either way it's a great piece!