Saturday, October 10, 2009

A series of historical costumes.

(large images from right to left) An image based off a woman from an 1874 painting by James Tissot entitled On the Thames, a pink dress inspired by an 1830's French fashion plate, an image of Charles 1 from a Daniel Myrtens 1631 painting of the same name, a late 18th century French Incroyables (based off of several engravings and a surviving cane), a mid 15th century Burgundian nobleman (after illuminated manuscripts depicting Philip the Good), and a speculative Egyptian Queen (after a small sculpture of Queen Tetisheri, possibly a forgery, as well as Winifred Brunton's image of said Queen).


Worg said...

You know, this is great and all (no, really, you're excellent at character art)

But... I wanna see some Slaanesh marines with dildos coming out all over them. Is that so much to ask?

jubjubjedi said...

LOL. Ya know, if I had a choice, I would continually do some designs meant to make children and grown men weep. But alas, it's not everyones taste and I need to eat and pay rent...
But I do plan to do a Noise Marine in the future, as well as a Slaaneshi throne room of sorts.