Thursday, January 31, 2008

Afghani Sheep Herder

An oil painting of an anonymous Afghani sheep herder for my Intro. to Figure Painting class.  It is a copy from a photograph in Steve McCurry's book, "Looking East", a book I recommend for it's beautiful and exotic portraiture.  I'm somewhat pleased by this painting though it's appeal is mainly attributed to the quality of the source photograph.  Hopefully I'll get oil painting down with more practice.


carguin said...

Hey you got a blog!!!! And you already flooded it with everything?? You're not supposed to appear and intimidate in this blog circle man! Haha, kidding. Cool painting. I just suggest making the darks more vibrant and saturated instead of black-ish.

jubjubjedi said...

Hey, what's up Carmen? Yeah, I just wanted to be like all the cool kids in the Academy, with their blogs and all, LOL. Everyone is at Intro. to Vis. Development (well, except for Mike)... where are you?
I definitely have to get more creative with the backgrounds... I guess large black fields have a tendency to come forward rather than recede. I really have to work on my painting skills... that final you did for your Intro. class was amazing.