Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Character designs for ConceptArt.org's CHOW contest

Just a few designs, a few months old, for ConceptArt.org's weekly character design contest (CHOW).  The "Skyfishermen" won for that particular week.  I should really get back to it and crank out more of these, but alas, school and work has kept me busy.


Quincy Boyd said...

Man, when you asked me if I was pretty good at digital, I said yes. But I meant pretty good for "me". Not pretty good like your kind of pretty good- Which actually means I can do this shit in my sleep, with my hands bound while being flogged by an angry schoolmarm and still get my values right. I have a lot of questions for you. Good work!!

jubjubjedi said...

LOL, thanks for the kind (and painful-sounding) words!